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2 working days left 😊 hoping work don’t pile up….. – Read on Path.

Happy Happy Birthday 🎂@sketchedkisses 👏 This year will be awesome for you! Just never stop loving, loving God, loving ur family, ur friends and ur Special someone. Learn new things, things that will be helpful for u and try to unlearn the things that hinders and pulls you down. Explore the world, coz there’s a lot to see, be amazed on Gods creations and enjoy what He has given us. Meet new people know them and learn from them. Go out let urself get bruised, it will hurt and sometimes the pain stays a lil longer but don’t worry it will heal. You may not notice it, but after everything you have gone thru life, you will find urself different from who u are. At first glance you will think that it’s not you coz when u look st the mirror you see someone who’s now stronger, knowledgeable and with more wisdom. & that’s exactly what God wants you to be 🙏👍

We don’t just breath, We LIVE 👏🙏👍 #iloveyou! ❤️🐙hug

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God doesn’t care if you have things, He cares if things have you. with Erika Luisa and Wendy – Read on Path.

▼M Y C I T Y ▼ Conference Friday PM Carl Lentz : I was born for this

Stand Alone :: Christine Caine

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It’s “ME” day! – Read on Path.

Indeed! A wonderful encounter with Jesus @ #psawakening #endlesspraise #planetshakers @joshuabrown101 @chelsinikkerud @andytheharrison @saymevans @jothhunt @russellevans67 @rudynikkerud @bjpridham

Hi! #100happydays #day78

"Be still, rest on what Jesus has already done." Incredible Worship! Beautiful message tonight by Creflo Dollar @ #psawakening

Goodies fresh from Japan. I’m scared to eat the flower 😶 #100happydays #day77

Banning Liebscher @ Onething Conference Ihopkc December 29th 2013 

Can’t wait to for summer!!!!!
#greenmangoes #halohalo

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Sana ung mundo ko mg text na sakin 😂

Joke lang 😛 – Read on Path.

@jerusanchez stolen shot! (at YMCA International House)