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After half a year! ^_^
Sorry for the noisy background and for not editing hehehe :P

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I devote this time to the Lord, that I may know his precepts. – View on Path.

Yum 😍 (at Ramen Play Chinatown Point)



I’m not saying you have to… I’m just saying it might be a good idea.

1 Perhaps… If it ain’t broke, break it.
Mix it up. Try something new.
I’d rather be spontaneous… or in the moment… than “PREDICTABLE”

2 Perhaps… there’s a way you can tell if people are with you.
People who…



Who’s “winning”?
In life.. who’s really winning…
I keep having this thought.
I keep asking this question.

Is it the one with the biggest following? …. The person with the most money?
Or maybe it’s whoever has mastered gluten free healthy eating and is in tip top shape (oh how I envy you)


5 Things


"5 things that God requires of people who lead in the church…"
(as written by Paul, see 1 Timothy 3)

image1. Spiritual Preparedness
In other words, leadership doesn’t come with a punch card. You don’t clock in and out.
Jesus was known for doing more work outside the…

When my heart is overwhelmed, When my soul is overwhelmed, I need you God to lead me to You, I need a rock that is beyond my circumstance, I need a rock that is transcendent beyond my plight and my pit, I need You.

You have a soul, but it’s a flawless soul, and You understand my fragmented soul, and I need you to anchor me, I need you to stabilize me, I need you to secure me, and I need you to hold me, and that’s what I need God.

God lead me to a place that’s above my circumstance so I can see you, and I can see the love in your eyes, you lay yourself down for me, I have an anchor because of what you have accomplished for me. – View on Path.

"…Each man’s life is but a breath."

After Birthday… Baby Shower! – View on Path.

Celebrating Honeys Birthday! – View on Path.

I’m at most peace when I’m living by faith.